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Clarifications for the new book...

Updated: Jul 3

I need to make some corrections & clarifications regarding my new book. First, I mentioned that Linda L. Wallace's father may have been on the Sikeston Army recovery team from that night, when that is actually MY opinion of a POSSIBILITY, not a known fact. My bad! Linda never claimed this, it should be clear. My apologies to her. .... Also I should point out that April 12th, 1941, WAS my personal opinion in 2016 and '17 of the specific date of the UFO crash near Cape Girardeau, but it is not Linda's. I'm sorry for any possible confusion there. It WAS just my best reasonable estimate of the 75-year-old situation, based on facts and supposition, as particularly shown in "3 Presidents, 2 Accidents: More MO41 UFO Crash Data and Surprises." BUT NOT ANY MORE. Anyone who has helped promote my work and its 4/12/41 claim - now as of July 2020 outdated and considered inaccurate - was airing my own opinion alone. Certainly Linda's fine work in her own book - that I have lauded in my books - needs to be more recognized, and I encourage others to go to, to find out more, or find her excellent book "Covert Retrieval." She has been a dedicated sleuth, uncovering enticing pieces of information on the amazing saga, such as the taped interview she did with two daughters of Rev. Turner Holt, in discussing what their father said he saw down below the U.S. Capitol Building in the 1940s. Good job, Linda!--------Paul B. Smith (updated July 2020)



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