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Check out a news article on Paul and his amazing book, "MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell" in a January 4th, 2016 article in THE SOUTHEAST MISSOURIAN.



A special 2-part article on the 1941 Missouri UFO event will be featured in THE SOUTHEAST MISSOURIAN newspaper supplement, THE BEST YEARS, in January and February.
Go to to find the new articles on Paul and information stemming from his upcoming book, which is to be released soon.



Go to FACEBOOK and find the new page on the UFO affair, entitled "Cape Girardeau's 1941 UFO Crash, America's First."


If you have some helpful or new, inside information on the 1941 UFO crash in Missouri, please be sure to leave the author a note, here or on Facebook.
MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell will be about 150 pages, feature 8 chapters, special chapter notes, and utilize a 100,000 word count.
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