Coming on November 23rd, 2020: "President Eisenhower's Close Encounters" - - Examining Dwight D. Eisenhower's various connections with UFOs and ETs - along with some other amazing nonfiction presidential UFO tales. 


This is Paul's sixth book, this one from Foundations Publishing (see the "Books" section of this site for details on the others).  And find out more details on "Ike" and the aliens online:

It's the greatest legend in UFO/ET history: did President Dwight Eisenhower covertly meet with landed, friendly aliens at Edwards Air Force Base on 2/19/54? We'll take a look at every detail... the first book ever to do so!


My first two books...

"When you first contacted me about this book, I didn't know what to expect, but this is amazing!" - a Washington D.C. book publisher, after reading the manuscript.


"Personally I found this fascinating!" - an editor for a West Coast publishing company


"I'm from the Cape area.  Paul, you did a great job!  This is a good read.  Congrats," e-mail 3/14/16.


The first two Kindle reviews online: *****FIVE STARS APIECE!*****


"I wish everyone in the world would read this book!" - journalist Linda Moulton Howe


"MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell: The Case For a Missouri 1941 UFO Crash"


"3 Presidents, 2 Accidents: More MO41 UFO Crash Data and Surprises"

Two riveting, well-reviewed 2016 books from Argus Publishing examine in detail the facts, rumors, clues, and existing evidence for an alien spacecraft crash-landing on a farm outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in mid-April of 1941.    "MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell"  was seen recently on the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens," and it sequel reinforced the shocking conclusion: the U.S. Army hustled away from a Cape Girardeau area farm three gray ET bodies and a damaged, crash-landed disc, but some folks in Missouri talked!   Also explored are the actions of President Franklin Roosevelt in the spring of '41, plus future presidents Harry Truman and John Kennedy... along with a few other familiar faces and places involved.

FIND THESE TWO BLOCKBUSTERS DIRECTLY AT, where shipping is free!  Or look for both books at all major online booksellers, like Barnes & Noble,, and BooksaMillion, worldwide!  Both stunning books are also available on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Palm, Sony, ITunes, etc.


(see two revealing reports further down this page)

Some helpful images

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was our nation's president during the time of the 1941 UFO crash in Cape Girardeau, a city he visited in 1920.


Young Ensign Jack Kennedy worked in D.C. for the Office of Naval Intelligence in 1941 and may have found out plenty on MO41.

Harry 1

The GrandMaster Mason of Missouri, Senator Harry S Truman used to live in Cape Girardeau in 1906. Just after the '41 UFO crash there, his stock soared and he was off on a meteoric rise to the highest office in the land.


This late 1990s letter was typed by a dying CIA and Army Intel officer, confessing that one of the biggest secrets he ever learned was of the crashed ET ship in Missouri, 1941!

History Channel

Not only has the MO41 affair been featured on "Ancient Aliens," but also on History Channel's "MUFON: Hangar 1" series.

Ancient Aliens

"MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell" was shown and featured in the History Channel program "Ancient Aliens" in August, 2016.

Skinny Bob 3

This genuine ET footage still photo - taken in early '40s Russia - fits the description of the '41 Cape Girardeau crash perfectly. Coincidence?


Quite possibly an actual photo of a captured, crashed alien ship, site unknown. The photo was leaked years later, evidently, and seems to be a good example of what is said to have come down in a farmer's field outside Cape Girardeau, Missouri, in April 1941 - but it is NOT a photo taken from that night or shortly thereafter, as far as I know.

Skyrocket clips-1

Actress Carole Lombard died in a mysterious TWA plane crash in early 1942, with a UFO sighting involved. Here, she wears ruby "flying saucer" type clips, found after her fatal plane accident, which has eerie parallels to the MO41 event.

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Skinny Bob 3

This genuine ET footage still photo - taken in early '40s Russia - fits the description of the '41 Cape Girardeau crash perfectly. Coincidence?