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Coming in the fall of 2020: Ike & ETs!

Updated: Jul 3

It's obviously been a few years since I've attended to this part of the site. Today I am pleased to say that I have just finished my latest nonfiction blockbuster book: "President Eisenhower's Close Encounters." It's all about the various UFO and ET stories that have accumulated over the years about America's 34th president, Dwight David Eisenhower. Did he really, seriously meet with landed, friendly, human-like aliens on an airplane runway at Edwards AFB on February 19th, 1954? I examine all of the facts, leaked document statements, claims, and falsehoods (to knock down) surrounding this amazing case. This is the first full-length serious book on this tantalizing subject! I am confident you will find it informative and entertaining. It took me years to write and I am glad it is just about ready, coming out this summer. Hang in there, UFO/ET fans, this one's white-hot! It should be out in the fall of 2020. Thanks----Paul ;-)



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